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MS. Vihil H. vigil, Mba, PMP

"I couldn't imagine not blending my love for business with artist development and I look forward to working with local artists at every new workshop!" - Ms. Vihil H. Vigil, MBA, PMP

While attending Humboldt State University Vihil took an opportunity to work as an intern at the Morris Graves Museum of Art and as an assistant curator intern at the HSU Library. Experience at the Morris Graves consisted of curating an exhibition of work by Morris Graves, developing large fundraising events, coordinating corporate curator lectures and learned how to keep a collector returning for more art. An example of Vihil’s work at the HSU Library can be found by clicking here. While living on the North Coast of California Vihil also found many collectors of her own and held over 5 different solo exhibitions.

After graduation in 2005, with a BA in Art History and a Certificate of Study in Museum & Gallery Practices, Vihil moved home to Sacramento to manage two photography studios by two different well established Sacramento area photographers. In this role Vihil developed business operations processes and performed quality control checks on everything from booking appointments to communicating with vendors, to marketing the overall business and financial management. In every capacity Vihil learned to be more efficient, productive and profitable. During this time Vihil began her MBA studies which took her to San Francisco and a high volume/high traffic sales floor for a large format landscape photographer and after 3 months moved to the role of Gallery Director. Responsible for 5 sales associates Vihil trained staff in customer contact and retention, increasing every sale and keeping collectors coming back for more art. In a unique opportunity and in line with her MBA program Vihil moved from Fine Art Gallery Director to Corporate Accounting Manager. This role was instrumental in shaping Vihil’s business knowledge, learning of high dollar profitability programs and financial accountability.

From San Francisco to Dallas, Texas Vihil took a high energy sales position and an opportunity to experience a new art scene. Dallas has a very thriving art culture and Vihil was able to curate a Dia de los Muertos Exhibition in Deep Ellum, a bustling new art scene just outside of downtown Dallas. This popular Mexican Holiday allowed Vihil to showcase some of her own photography, paintings and sculpture along with other artists of the area.

In early 2009 California called and Vihil returned home to work with non-profit financial management in higher education and to grow Vihil Photographix, her own fine art photography studio. The year 2012 brought over 5 invitations from the Sacramento LGBT Community Center to showcase Vihil's photography projects and an invitation to assist other photographers curate the anticipated annual exhibition at the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture. February's show featured Dia de Los Muertos photographed at Capitol Park Rose Garden and A Winter Wonderland photographed in Old Sacramento. May 2012 featured a solo exhibition to share the beauty of power exchange. Additional exhibitions showcased Vihil's photography and rarely scene oil and mixed media paintings. Every year from 2012 to present you can find Vihil curating and exhibiting the Fine Art Pavilion for the Sacramento Pride Festival held early June on Capitol Lawn in Sacramento.

From all of Vihil’s travel experience and the life/business experience that came along with it, developing Vihil’s Business for the Artist Workshop Series only came naturally. This exciting workshop series brings local artists together to share their experience while Vihil assists attendees in laying the foundation to move from an artist with a hobby to a working artist with a business.

Ms. Vihil resides in the Sacramento Valley maintaining a close involvement in the LGBTQ+ Community, volunteering as the Art Programs Director for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, Curating art exhibitions with her gallery Altered Egos Art House, working professionally in finance, accounting and operations management, as a business consultant for small businesses and as primary photographer & CEO of Vihil Photographix Fine Art Photography, all while dedicating a portion of each month to her Business for the Artist Workshop Series, developing The Vigil Center for the Arts, and raising her amazing daughter.