Finding the right method, as an artist, to sell your work can personally be an overwhelming transition from art creator to art sales person. That being often true, it is of the greatest importance to find a resource to assist you that is not only qualified, but also able to provide you with actual tools to address your needs with a step-by-step process to reach your goal of becoming a successful working artist. Consider the courses offered within this workshop series to then decide if it will work for what you aim to achieve.

Vihil's Business for the Artist Workshop Series is organized in the following manner:

1. Laying the Foundation:
To lay each attending artist’s foundation it is important to understand what each artist hopes to gain from the workshop experience. You will each discuss your current experience level to move your passion for creating art into an active business for yourself. Each artist will discuss what their chosen media consists of, their skill level as an artist, educational background and ultimate goal of success as a working artist.

As the introduction states Vihil’s Business for the Artist is an interactive course. Artists will learn as a collective and the importance of collaboration will be discussed and emphasized throughout the workshop series. Even though artists will not all be utilizing the same medium it is important to understand the experiences of others and how all in attendance can benefit from the sharing of those experiences.

In addition to looking at goals and defining them before this first workshop concludes we will also look at individual blockages for each artist that is inhibiting their art business to flourish.

By examining your vision for your art, developing a plan of action for your business and a time line for accomplishing your goals as a working artist you are planning for your own success. For the very few artists who are accidentally discovered there are more artists just like you who choose to build their own plan for success.

2. Building the all essential Business Plan:
The basics of the business plan are the foundation for any successful venture and for artists the business plan can help to guide the shifting of gears from occasional artist to an artist with an art business; however you may define that for yourself.

As a business professional, a working artist and an out-of-the-box thinker I hope to broaden your knowledge on how to define, manage and grow your own art based business. By empowering you to identify the ideal career path or part time career path we will be creating the road map to obtain it. The business plan will help you gain clarity, self-confidence, and the roadmap to succeed in the career of your dreams.

The all-essential business plan will not only keep you on track but it will also serve as a working and shifting document so that you always knowing what the next step is.

3. Marketing the HELL out of your Artist Brand:

You may have some of the most amazing talents but if you don’t TELL people; nobody will EVER know! This workshop focuses on the momentum behind pushing you to tell your own story the way you want it to be told. We will discuss how to market your skills, what your “brand” looks like and the best way to market it. We will explore what other artists have done, what works for some and doesn’t work for others. You will gain a full listing of marketing resources out of this workshop and tips on how to get the best pricing on all of them.

4. Accounting & Legal Essentials:

Not the hottest topics in the series but one of the most important! This is your MONEY-MAKER and MONEY-SAVER right here! If you do your accounting right, you itemize your expenses and properly state your income you will grow your business. This all-important workshop co-designed by an accounting and tax professional and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) shows you how to easily set up your business structure so that you CAN financially succeed. This workshop explores accounting basics, tax filing intricacies and explore additional outlets to increase your business revenue. You will also receive an Accounting and Legal Lingo guide and an introduction to a simple easy to use accounting software program to keep you on track.

5. Bringing it all Together:

Once you have your business plan, marketing plan, accounting and legal financials overview this workshop will bring it all together. Broken down by reviewing the details of the previous classes we will take your progress thus far, discuss questions from the class on specific roadblocks that have arisen, there will be a round table lessons learned from the class and your next steps will be presented to you on approaching collectors, galleries and potential outlets to sell your work. Discussions on consignments, average gallery commission rates, selling direct to resellers and cultivating the long-term collector will take place.  

6. Strategically Planning for Success:

In your final workshop for Vihil’s Business for the Artist all attending artists have a new opportunity to present their artwork to the class utilizing the tactics that were discussed over the last 5 months. As in the initial workshop you will bring in your actual work of art and present a sales pitch to the class. Depending on the exact class size you will have 2-5 minutes to present your work with an emphasis on selling it and to field questions from the class about why they should consider buying your work. Once the last artist has presented their artwork for sale, all attending artists will receive a Certificate of Completion and we will set up for an evening open exhibition!

The final workshop is a crucial opportunity not to miss. Not only will you complete the course, receive your certificate of completion, provide a true sales pitch for your art but then artists will instantly utilize those skills in preparation for the Graduation Gallery Exhibition showing all of your work. 

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Workshops are held in galleries of the Midtown Sacramento area.

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